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Truly Present are delighted to announce that we are now offering Heal Your Life® Workshops. These healing and uplifting workshops are based on the philosophy of Louise Hay, and workshop dates will be announced very soon. 


About us

'Well-being is our business'

At Truly Present, we are all about 'right now'. This moment. Living in the present.

And - living the best life! The life we deserve to live.

CThA Approved Trainer of Mindfulness, Meditation and Relaxation and Mindful Resilience & Well-being at Work Coach.

CThA Qualified Teacher in the Law of Attraction.

We deliver interactive demonstrations on how to incorporate more relaxation and mindfulness into one's daily lives. We coach on how to improve resilience using practical methods such as breathing, meditation and mindfulness.

Using the theories of the Law of Attraction, we coach on how we can create our own realities and achieve our dreams and goals, by understanding how modifying our words, thought, behaviours, actions and feelings can attract the life

we really desire.

We have come from a traditional, corporate background, working in senior management for many years. We have seen how these simple coaching sessions really help those in business: improving relationships, productivity, perspective, team spirit, and importantly, enhancing resilience. 

We deliver down to earth practical tools and are experienced and passionate about sharing the benefits to all.


"If we change how we think, we can change how we feel"


Take a moment to breathe, to check in with your body, to be aware. 


All too often our thoughts are running away with us, in pursuit of the

'next big thing', or worrying about the past, yet we infrequently stop to appreciate the 'now'.​

The Mindfulness, Relaxation and Meditation programmes on offer here teach

all the techniques to introduce Mindfulness into one's lives. Breathing, meditation, body scan, mindful eating and mind/body connection.

This relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable course can be taken as a 1-2-1 session, or in groups of up to 15. Fabulous for businesses, hobby groups, fitness centres, working teams and anyone who feels they need to slow down,

improve their awareness, and appreciate the present.


"Where the mind goes, the body follows"

​Guided meditations, mindfulness and breathing form the basis for relaxation on this programme. Breathing techniques, body scan meditations, and guided visualisation help slow down the heart rate, loosen the muscles and take you on a journey of relaxation.


Carried out seated or lying down, the relaxation programme is restorative, peaceful and calm.

Available as 1-2-1 sessions or in group of up to 15.

Resilience Management

"A healthy workplace is a happier, more productive workplace"

We deliver wellness programmes which incorporate stress management, mindfulness (MBSR), mind/body connection exploration, work/life balance auditing, managing stress and mental toughness, and non-medical healthy lifestyle advice.

We can tailor programmes to offer 30 min - 1hour lunchtime mindfulness taster sessions and relaxation sessions. 


4 week Mindset Masterclass

April 24, 2019

⭐ Kick start your goals, dreams and ambitions
⭐ Transform your mindset for joy and success
⭐ Welcome in more abundance and flow into your life
⭐ Learn the valuable tools that will enable you to feel more in control, happy and confident
⭐ All delivered in a beautiful, safe, shared space with a like-minded tribe

Once we know how, we can become the ‘creators of our reality’. Using the power of thought, the use of conscious speech and creative visualisation, we can learn to improve our lives and achieve our goals.

This course is designed for anyone who wishes to feel a renewed zest for life, flow and ease, as well as those who wish to focus on specific goals, and will be a huge motivational boost as well as learning a new toolkit to improve one’s life!

Whether you have specific aims such as a desire to build better relationships, develop or change your career, or improve your finances, this 4 week Mindset Masterclass will help.

High energy and interactive, we will learn practical and theoretical tools for applying these transformational principles to our lives.

Spaces are strictly limited on this exciting course with an investment of £185 per person for the 4 weeks, payable in advance.

7.30pm - 9pm starting 12 March 2019 running weekly. At the amazing WILD & WILD in Congleton, Cheshire.

Payment for the course is requested via paypal to:

Law of Attraction 1.5 hour Masterclass

April 09, 2019

Expect high vibes, happy people and really powerful tips to take away and turbo boost your goals and dreams at this exciting 2 hour Mindset Masterclass focussing on the Law of Attraction by Truly Present.

Perfect for those new to the concept of the Law of Attraction, but equally suitable for those looking to brush up their knowledge and abilities and consciously change their mindset.

Whether you have big, identifiable goals such as looking to improve relationships, change your career, move home, or you may be feeling lack lustre, have lost direction and need a tool to boost your mood and open doors to a new, positive path, this introduction will kick start your journey.

Places are limited. Investment: £25 per person

As we are in the wonderful and sublime backdrop of The Garden, in Hale, there will be an array of healthy, tasty refreshments available to buy. Come and treat yourself!

7.00-8.30pm, 10th April 2019

Can’t wait to host this fabulous session! Bring your journal and pen, there'll be notes to jot down. Dress comfortably. Come with an open mind and heart.

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"Where the mind goes, the body follows"

"The techniques demonstrated for managing stress, and the practical tools and ideas for improving relaxation shared, have been most helpful for me. I now practise mindfulness daily and am seeing benefits in my work and personal life"
"The delivery of the meditations was spot on, including pace and tone. The guided meditations really calmed and relaxed me. Would definitely recommend."
"Excellent introduction to mindfulness. I thoroughly enjoyed the approach. It helped me recognise personal trigger points, and inspired me to introduce a daily practice. Will benefit all areas of my life."
"I found the session informative and relaxing. I gained a feeling of calm and peace. I recognised it is wrong to attach guilt to taking time out for my own well-being as it will benefit everyone
in my life!"
"I thought the session was fabulous. I will be putting the skills into practice on a daily basis and making myself a priority when it comes to relaxation."

"Thank you Truly Present for today’s mindfulness taster session. We all really enjoyed it and were amazed that you were able to get us to switch off and focus on relaxation in the middle of a busy work day. It’s an experience we would love to repeat on a regular basis."


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